DIY and WDI4U Valentine’s Day dessert ideas

Whether you love making your own treats, or the convenience of a creative dessert ready-to-serve, we’ve got you covered.

Here are some marshmallow-y DIY and WDI4U (We Did it For You) dessert ideas for Valentine’s Day, or for any time you want to show some love.

DIY Heart Shaped Marshmallow Cookie Sandwiches

Cinnamon Puffwich

DIY Super Easy Chocolate Fondue

Peppi-mint marshmallows dipped in melted Hershey's

WDI4U Dessert or Gift Idea

Valentine's Gift Box Description 2017


Plush Puffs Cocoa Lover’s Gift Box, $32.99 (on sale from $37.99)

A sweet gift for a sweetie.

Each box contains a tin of phenomenal Chili Burnt Caramel “drinking chocolate” from our good friends at Eclipse Chocolate,
heart shaped Vanilla Bean marshmallows, MugToppers with heart cut outs, a box of Chocolate Chipetta Plush Puffs, and an 11oz Plush Puffs logo mug.

Available only while supplies last so get it now!

Marshmallow Valentine's Day Dessert Ideas





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