Happy 50th Anniversary Nutella!

Wow! Nutella chocolate & hazelnut spread has been Nutella-ing for 50 years! And why not? It’s a truly versatile and tasty treat. It’s one of our very favorite things to make s’mores with. Substitute Nutella spread for the chocolate in any s’more recipe and you’ve elevated your dessert in one fell swoop.

We’ve made Nutella s’mores galore. Here are a few to get you drooling:

Nutella French Toast Sandwich S’more

Nutella S'more made with French Toast and Plush Puffs marshmallows

Nutella S’more Taco

Nutella taco smore s'more

Nutella S’more Crepe

Nutella s'more crepe

Nutella makes great s’mores with graham crackers, cookies, fruit, etc. You name it it will be yum. So check out the Nutella 50th Anniversary tour if it comes to your town and then get on making those Nutella smores! Send us some photos and we’ll post them!

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