How to Keep in Touch with Plush Puffs

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4 Responses to How to Keep in Touch with Plush Puffs

  1. Tracie Cotta says:

    Just wondering what happened to the Maple Bacon Marshmallows. Any chance they’ll be coming back?

  2. Justin says:

    Hi Tracie! Maple Bacon was one of our Limited Edition flavors. It will definitely be back next year. We’ll announce it here on our blog as well as on our Facebook page and Twitter. We hope some day the resurgence of the Maple Bacon marshmallows will garner national news coverage like the McRib 🙂

  3. I am e-mailling to get in touch with Ann Hickey to try and get an appointment next week. If you would call @ (818) 522-8344 it would be greatly appreciatted.

    Regards, Bob Marincic

  4. Missy Mogel says:

    Hi! I do the pr for puddles cookies and I would love to chat! We loved your blog about the coconut toasted marshmallow and our chocolate chip cookie! We would love to send you more! Please email me with any questions and your address. Also, our website is about to be completed,, and when it is, should be by Thursday of this week, we would love for you to provide the link to your readers. Thanks again, we are very excited that you loved our cookies as much as we do! Best, Melissa

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