It’s National S’mores Day – Horray!

August 10 of every year is National S’mores Day. How great is that? We’re sharing all sorts of s’mores fun on Facebook and Twitter today and later today we’ll have a special National S’mores Day S’more of the Week. But for now, we’re sharing this great series of articles on marshmallows called the “Marshmallow Chronicles” by our friends at the Candy Professor.

First up is “In Search of Lost Marshmallow (Marshmallow Chronicles Part I)” a little history of marshmallows (they originally were made from plants!) and how they are made.

Next is “High Society Marshmallow Roasts (Marshmallow Chronicles Part II)” about the explosion of the marshmallow on the American imagination and turn of the century roasting parties. I’m totally inspired to hold a 1900-themed costume party with a kicked up, retro s’mores bar.

The third, “Marshmallow Pioneers (Marshmallow Chronicles Part III)” discusses the commercial marshmallow business through mass production right to artisan ‘mallows – such as Plush Puffs!

Forth is “Candy Salad (Marshmallow Chronicles Part IV)” documenting the how the sweet, but mostly blank canvas of turn of the century marshmallows improved all sorts of recipes – even non-desserts!

Lastly is “Campfire in the Pantry (Marshmallow Chronicles Part V)” all about the Campfire brand of extruded marshmallows. In fact, Campfire invented the extrusion process. In contrast, not only does Plush Puffs use all natural ingredients and offer gourmet flavors, but our mallows are hand poured and pulled into artisan squares.

Check out the whole series – you’ll never have another question about marshmallows ever again (ok, I can’t promise that, but you’ll definitely impress the crowd at the next backyard marshmallow roast with your marshmallow intelligence).

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