S’more of the Week: Morning Coffee S’more

Morning Coffee, S'more Style

Good morning!

In honor of the Specialty Coffee Association of America event happening in Portland Friday 4/20 – Sunday 4/22, and because we at Plush Puffs LOVE coffee, this week’s s’more of the week is all about coffee. Turn your morning cuppa into a s’more treat!

Ingredients (for one cup of joe, s’more style):

  • One Vanilla Bean MugToppers marshallow from Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows
  • A cup of your favorite artisanal coffee
  • Some graham crackers

S'mores and coffeeBrew your coffee and add whatever you like to add. Top it off with a MugTopper and let it melt into the coffee a bit. Sip away! MugToppers melt slowly and evenly so there is marshmallow the whole way through. Dip the graham into the coffee and scoop some marshmallow up for a tasty wake-me-up!

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