S’more of the Week: Nutella French Toast Sandwich

Last week’s Breakfast S’more has started a little breakfast trend here. How else could we make breakfast even more decadent (or dessert more breakfasty)? This was also inspired by a recent lunch trip to our favorite food truck here in L.A., the Munchie Machine (Twitter @munchiemachine1). Not only do they have amazing paninis (my fav is the Green Bird with smoked turkey, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and provolone) but they make fresh, hot, gooey s’mores with your choice of Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows.  Apparently, if you ask nicely, they will make you a s’mores sandwich. I know! It sounds good to me too!

So combining breakfast and sandwich, I present to you this gourmet dessert recipe for a treat you will likely never forget.


  • 4 Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows. (I used Sydney’s Cinnamon which was perfect. I also recommend Vanilla Bean, Toasty Coconut and Caramel Swirl, or any combination of those).
  • 2 slices of good egg bread
  • Nutella or other hazelnut spread
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tbs. milk
  • 1 Tsp. of vanilla
  • 1/2 Tbs. of butter

Scramble the egg with the vanilla and milk in a container big enough to put a whole slice of bread in flat. Spread Nutella on each slice of bread somewhat liberally. Split the marshmallows in half so that they aren’t too thick in the sandwich. Cover the Nutella on one slice of bread with the marshmallow halves. Sandwich the marshmallows with the other slice of bread, Nutella side down.  Get a pan warm (medium-high) and melt the butter. Carefully dip one side of the sandwich into the egg and then the other, as if you were making french toast. Cook the sandwich in the pan as you would french toast. It should go relatively quickly so that the bread turns toasty and the marshmallows melt but don’t ooze into the pan.  Let cool a little.

Half a sandwich is more than enough for one person because every bite is so rich. But you’ll want more than that!

P.S. It’s been while since I’ve indulged with Nutella. Holy wow that stuff is good. Now that it’s in my cupboard, you are likely to see more s’mores with this hazelnut spread. I think I hear it calling to me right now……

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