S’more of the Week: Pear, Cinnamon, Almond Tart

Pear, Almond, Cinnamon S'more

For Thanksgiving this year, we had a guest that doesn’t like Pumpkin Pie. “What?” you are asking yourself, “is this person insane?” Yes, yes he is. But we love him anyway, so we made him a pear tart with frangipane (almond paste & butter – yes please!) and an apricot glaze. And it was good too.

This week’s smore is based on that dessert since pears are still in season and plentiful all over this place. It is very reminiscent of the tart but even fresher tasting as the pears aren’t cooked and the cookies crunchy. Big fan of this one.

Ingredients (for one s’more)

Place an almond cookie on a plate. Toast the marshmallows and slide them onto the cookie. Top with the slice of pear and taste winter freshness in a sweet sandwich!

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