S’more of the Week: “Puddle” Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ Coconut Marshmallows

S'more of the Week: Puddle Chocolate Cookie with Coconut Marshmallow

Nope, not a fried egg. Those are marshmallows!

Puddle cookies are a “thing.” I admit I hadn’t heard of them before seeing Puddles Chocolate Cookies at Monsieur Marcel gourmet food shop at the Original Puddles Chocolate Chip CookiesLA Farmer’s Market. When I did a search for the brand, I discovered that puddle cookies are a style of cookie – very flat, very crispy and VERY buttery. In fact it’s the large amount of butter that makes them so flat. However, there are also lots of recipes for no butter, no flour, gluten-free puddle cookies. So go figure!

Puddles Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ingredients for Puddles Chocolate Chip CookiesThese, however, are loaded with yummy, delicious butter which give the cookies a caramel flavor that made us drool. So of course we made a s’more with one. Since the cookie was so caramely already, we opted for Toasted Coconut Plush Puffs to make this treat. The cookies are so big that we needed 4 marshmallows to cover it and this is a treat for 2 for sure. But serve on separate plates because we licked of every bit of chocolate.


Ingredients (for one s’more which is 2 servings):

  • 4 Toasted Coconut Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows
  • 1 large, thin, crispy chocolate chip cookie such as Puddles Chocolate Chip Cookies

You can toast the marshmallows over a fire or a gas stove. In this case, we placed the cookie on some aluminum foil on a cookie sheet and then topped the cookie with the 4 marshmallows and then toasted & melted the marshmallows in the broiler. Center the marshmallows on the cookie so that the marshmallows have plenty of room to melt over the whole cookie. Watch the marshmallows in the broiler as they will toast and melt rather quickly. Let the s’more cool for about a minute – the cookie is so full of butter, that it softens while in the broiler. It comes back together after cooking for a bit. Split in two and share with someone special!

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