S’more of the Week: Spreadable Cookie Smore

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spreadable cookie

That’s right people – spreadable cookie. This s’more came out of the desire, no, need to eat more of this delicious product. I love the Belgian Biscoff cookies and when we came across a peanut butter-like spread made from them at the most recent Fancy Food Show this was a no brainer.

It was tricky to create a s’more that didn’t over power the Biscoff Spread orBiscoff spread the marshmallow, but we realized that the perfect, neutral, yet nutty, complement would be multi-grain whole wheat bread. This s’more is crunchy, creamy and decadent. What more could you ask for?

Ingredients (for one s’more)

Toast the bread until nicely crunchy. Cut the bread into about 1 1/2 inch squares. I cut the crust off cuz I’m fancy that way. Spread the Biscoff Spread on one square. Toast up the Caramel Swirl Plush Puff and add on top of the spread. Use the other toast square to help get the toasted marshmallow off the skewer or fork you used to toast the ‘mallow. Top with the 2nd toast square to make the s’more sandwich, eat and melt inside with the deliciousness.

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  1. Looks beautiful 😉

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