The Plush Kid’s 100th Day of School Project

Taking inspiration from a project done in a previous year by a kid who had the same (AMAZING) teacher, the Plush Kid decided she wanted to make an igloo out of 100 Plush Puffs marshmallows for her Kindergarten 100 days of school project. She also added some cute drawings of a snowman and a penguin held up with tooth picks.

igloo made out of 100 marshmallows

The assignment was to take 100 of anything and arrange them creatively. They all brought in their projects today, the 100th day of school for the Los Angeles School District. I am amazed and inspired by the ideas and execution of these projects from 5 and 6 year olds. Other projects included 100 Rainbow Loom bracelets, 100 pieces of torn, colored paper arranged into a beautiful mosaic landscape, 100 crayons arranged and melted on a canvas, 100 delicious cookies, 100 Legos arranged in a picture and to spell out “100 Days,” a collection of 100 leaves, 100 colorful feathers arranged to look like a butterfly and flowers, 100 burred seeds from trees arranged in 10 strands to look like a beaded curtain, and so much more! Click the photo below to see it bigger.

100 Days of School Projects

Feeling so fortunate to have such a creative kid and a great class for her to learn in.


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