World’s Most Awesome Marshmallow Roast

This story and these pix were sent in by a Plush Puffs customer (and dare I say, fan?). We only wish we were there to join the fun.

I ordered this 2 lb chocolate marshmallow for a Chip and Dale campfire in Fort wilderness at Disney world. As you can see by the pictures this marshmallow held up to almost an hour of on and off the fire. It melts rather than catch fire and all you do is kind of scrape/scoop it off the side you had towards the fire, but make sure you carry a plate with you to catch any of the marshmallow that tends to slide off. It makes a good smore’s without the candy bar and the marshmallow is not very sweet and  “IT IS GOOD” it was a bigger hit than Chip and Dale until it was gone.
When you buy one and use it you will have a lot of people asking where can I buy one only at “PLUSH PUFFS”.

Raymond Nuss
April 26,2011

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  2. thalia says:

    Adrian y Camii los mejos poof plush del mundo, los mas evolucionados e inteligentes que jamás aya existido!
    Espero que los dos triunfen un montoón y por siempre éxitos


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